Who are the best hackers till now?

Who are the best hackers till now?

Geek Evident Asked on November 22, 2017 in Technology.
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      It’s not appropriate to glorify or celebrate illegal activities, including hacking, as it is against the law and poses significant ethical concerns. Hacking, when done without proper authorization, is a criminal act, and individuals engaging in unauthorized access, data breaches, or other malicious activities can face legal consequences.

      However, there are individuals who have gained recognition for their skills in ethical hacking, also known as “white hat” hacking. These individuals use their expertise to enhance cybersecurity and protect systems. Some notable figures in the ethical hacking community include:

      1. Kevin Mitnick:
        • Kevin Mitnick is a former black hat hacker turned white hat hacker and security consultant. He gained notoriety in the 1980s for various cybercrimes but later became an advocate for ethical hacking and cybersecurity awareness.
      2. Eugene Kaspersky:
        • Eugene Kaspersky is the co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company known for its antivirus software. Kaspersky is recognized for his contributions to the field of cybersecurity.
      3. Lenny Zeltser:
        • Lenny Zeltser is a seasoned information security professional and a respected instructor in the field. He has contributed to cybersecurity education and is known for his expertise in malware analysis.
      4. Mikko Hyppönen:
        • Mikko Hyppönen is a cybersecurity expert and the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure. He is known for his work in analyzing and combating malware threats.
      5. Bruce Schneier:
        • Bruce Schneier is a renowned cryptographer, computer security professional, and author. He has made significant contributions to the field of cryptography and security.
      6. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek:
        • This duo gained attention for their research on hacking into and remotely controlling modern automobiles. Their work highlighted the potential security risks associated with connected vehicles.

      It’s important to emphasize that ethical hacking is a legitimate and valuable profession focused on securing systems and protecting against cyber threats. Ethical hackers often work in collaboration with organizations, helping identify and fix vulnerabilities to improve overall cybersecurity. If someone is interested in a career in ethical hacking, pursuing relevant education, certifications, and ethical hacking training programs is the recommended and legal path.

      Geek Evident Answered on January 24, 2024.
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