What are the best sources to learn Photoshop and coreldraw?

What are the best sources to learn Photoshop and coreldraw?

Geek Evident Asked on November 26, 2017 in CorelDraw.
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      10 best video tutorials websites for Photoshop

      By | on February 02, 2018

      Different people find they prefer different ways to improve their Photoshop skills. As well as screenshot and text tutorials – we’ve collected the best here – we’ve found that video tutorials are a great, direct way of learning about Photoshop across illustration, graphic design and photography. Here, we’ve listed a number of video tutorial sites, as well as an online learning platform that offers one-one-one live video classes.

      Adobe TV

      Where better to look for tutorials than from Adobe itself? Adobe TV offers a bunch of tutorials by experts taking viewers through the tricks and skills of Photoshop.

      Whether it’s a basic tutorial to get you started, improving your selecting and masking or painting in 3D, these online tutorials are free and understandable, without taking up too much of your time.

      A range of shorter Photoshop video tutorials for beginners and experts can be found here. Videos cover skills such as using layers to build images, cropping a photo and improved layer compositions.


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